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Our Mission:
is to provide a central point for linking together the global Swindlehurst family, including Swinglehursts and other associated spellings. If you are a Swindlehurst, or have a Swindlehurst in your family tree, or you are one of the many variants which have developed through the years, please contact us so that we can add your information to the database! Eventually we hope to have a worldwide web of our own! The first step in realising this dream is the production of a spreadsheet containing, by date and location, every reference to a Swin that has been identified through the last 9 centuries - a large task which has only just begun. The first result of this endeavour can be seen here.

If you would like to take part in this project, or if you want to be kept informed of our progress, please send your web page link, email address and/or other information here.

The site has been prepared and launched by interested members of the global Swindlehurst family and is based on the huge amount of information gathered as the result of research carried out over a long period by some very dedicated people. Among them are Michael, Dyanna and Christopher Swindlehurst, Roy Swinglehurst, Ron Armour and Glynis Hirst.

Our site here is just one of a number which feature the Swindlehurst and Swinglehurst families, individual members of them or include details of family activities and associations. Further information may be available at these links, which are in no particular order:

The Swinglehursts, The Crumbleholmes, Bowland, The Catterall Connection, Pendle Heritage Centre

We lived here!
Our forebears have lived in a wide variety of homes through the years. The humble ones have disappeared from the landscape, and the grander ones have been mostly rebuilt or extended. Photographs of some of the more substantial properties now occupying the lands which we have graced historically can be seen here.

The Swindlehurst Heritage.
We are in the process of producing and updating a Googlemap of the Bowland area pin-pointing the sites occupied by assorted members of the historic family through the centuries. These places are referred to in the various types of documentation currently available. The map (a work-in-progress) can be seen by clicking Swindlehursts-united Origins Map. The map can be scrolled horizontally and/or vertically, and can be enlarged by double-clicking.

The Story so far!
Detailed information is contained on the Origins, History, Family trees and Photographs pages.

Index of Families.
We have attached a document which may be of wide interest. We know, from all the living descendant contacts which we have, that the most common thing they want to know is who their ancestral parents were. This list should have parents of all living global family members. It will need to be replaced at times as the on-going research reveals more about each family and their generation links.

Some notable Swindlehursts!
A Brave one. A Strong one. A Virtuous one. An Ugly one. An American one (or two). A Law-breaking one.
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The Forest Of Bowland

- our homeland! For 800 years and more! If you want to know more about The Forest of Bowland AONB, or you intend to visit, in order to experience the tranquillity and beauty, please click on this link for more information.

Please note: Prior to the 1974 Local Government Reorganisation, most of the area of the Forest of Bowland was in the West Riding of Yorkshire (WRY). The Reorganisation has confused matters slightly by moving the area into the administration of Lancashire County Council (LCC). As a result, modern records are held by the LCC, rather than by the WRY.

The Lordship of Bowland

The Lordship of Bowland is a heritable feudal title which imposed on the holder administrative rights and responsibilities on behalf of the Crown without the grant of land or property. The current Lord of Bowland (William of Bowland) is very closely involved in the administration and management of the Forest of Bowland and plays his part in the goings-on in the Forest.

The Swindlehursts through the centuries have had close connections with the Lordship and its various holders - as employees, supplicants, law-breakers (always wrongly accused, of course), opponents etc. For more information about the Lordship and its doings click here.

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This page was last updated on 30th June 2020

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